Zeiss Dura Vision DriveSafe UV 1.6

Rs7,600.00 & Free Shipping

Features: better vision in low-light conditions

: reduced glare at night from oncoming cars and street lights

: easier focus when switching between dashboard and mirrors

available range: -6/+4


ZEISS Single Vision DriveSafe lenses are designed for comfortable vision behind the wheel, especially when driving at night and in difficult light conditions. And they’ll have you seeing clearly all day long – even when you’re not in the car.ZEISS DriveSafe Lenses are everyday lenses specifically designed to meet the visual needs of drivers. Design features and key technology enhance the wearer’s vision experience during the day or night while driving. Thanks to the DuraVision® DriveSafe Coating, the lenses help to reduce reflections and irritating glare, especially while driving at night.


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